Our Clients Rock!


We are Planet 365. We believe when you combine experience, creativity and hard work…the end result is smart work. As for experience, we have a lot of it. Decades actually. As for creativity, we’ve won more than our share of awards for it over the years. As for hard work, well, we wouldn’t have named ourselves Planet 365 if we were planning to knock off at 6 or take weekends off… or even holidays, for that matter.


We are news and entertainment marketing specialists. As in, that’s pretty much all we do. No car or beer accounts here. Our previous incarnations include Jacobs & Gerber, Air Creative Group, and Planet 3 Entertainment. These days, we mostly work with broadcasters and syndicators, but every once in awhile one of the big networks calls, too. We are writers, directors, producers, editors, graphic artists, composers and web geek-gurus. We create, produce, edit, graphic and post-score most of our stuff. We also consult and collaborate with in-house groups who are more than capable of producing their own great work. We do everything Web. We do print. We do radio. We even do weather van art, hats, T-shirts and other branded tchotchkes. We attack every project with the same level of intensity, no matter how big or small the budget. And we do it 24/7/365 to meet whatever crazy delivery deadline you may have.