NBC 4 Washington

We were tasked with creating a year-long, multi-phase campaign using the station’s pre-existing tag: “Working 4 You.” While the line still enjoyed high recall and attribution, the station wanted us to “expand” on its meaning. To that end, we were asked to create a marketing & promotion playbook that would serve as a brand compass for all things News 4. More than a regurgitation of research points and focus group feedback, this document needed to be an internal how-to guide to working with the News 4 brand. It needed to be written in plain English, not marketing-lingo. And everybody had to “buy in” – from the GM to the newsroom to the promo department. Not a small task in and of itself.

The process of writing the brandbook proved illuminating. It helped clarify the station’s priorities and goals. And ultimately provided a creative filter for all the work to come. Applying the document’s key insights to the brand’s consumer-facing led directly to the creation of what we call “ING.” ING was the kind of “campaignable” premise the client was looking for. From a language standpoint, it offered a simple shift from passive to active verbs which provided a much needed sense of urgency and immediacy. From a visual standpoint, it promised a news organization in constant motion; aggressively covering what’s happening now, breaking stories, adding new information, searching for new angles investigating problems, relentlessly tracking weather and monitoring traffic as well as connecting in a myriad ways with viewers online. And from a branding standpoint, it offered an ownable point of view. One that could easily be applied to product attributes, dayparts, print, radio, web, even topical promotion.

Beyond that, ING was (and is) also about letting the station’s anchors and reporters speak for the brand in a relaxed, conversational style that allowed for a touch of personality, intelligence and wit. Something often missing in news promotion today. To date, the ING campaign is well into its third phase. Click on the thumbs to see some examples.