NBC 4 Washington

The client challenged us to explore and expand on the possible meanings of the station’s pre-existing tagline: “Working 4 You.” And to help them breathe new life into a long-held positioning that still enjoyed high recall and channel attribution.

We began the process by collaborating with all the Important stakeholders on a marketing & promotion playbook that would serve as a brand compass for all things News 4. The document was to be an “actionable” guide that spelled out the brand’s pillars and promises as well as provide practical language and style guidelines for everyday marketing & promotion purposes.

Upon completion of the brandbook and with buy-in from the top down, we began applying the document’s key insights to the brand’s consumer-facing.Ultimately, the ING campaign took shape.

The premise centered around activating the “ing” in the word “working” and led to the launch of a multi-phase campaign designed to capture a news organization in constant motion; aggressively breaking stories, investigating problems, tracking weather and monitoring traffic as well as connecting in myriad ways with viewers online.

To date, the ING campaign is well into its third phase. In addition to on-air, we have also produced print, outdoor, radio and web materials.