NBC 5 Dallas

DFW is the nation’s 5th largest market with a population of more than 7 million people and growing. When we met the folks at NBC 5, they were making a huge move in the marketplace. Literally. For the first time in 65 years, the station was relocating – having invested millions in a more centrally located, state-of-the-art and stunningly modern facility. There was a sense of excitement. Momentum. And all the stake-holders wanted the channel’s branding to keep pace with all the big changes. That required a big idea. Big being the operative word, because BIG is how things are done in Texas.

We began the process by collaborating on a comprehensive marketing brand book. We were asked to extend our thinking to all departments. Programming. Sales. Community Affairs. It needed to be written for and with everyone in mind – from the General Manager to the Creative Services Director to the 6pm Anchor Team to the receptionists in the lobby. The goal was to have the entire station on the same page. To do that, called for more than just handing out a pamphlet, it required devoting an entire day (and later, an entire week) to presenting it, explaining it and talking about the station’s long-term goals with the entire staff. Many questions were asked. Reactions and suggestions encouraged. Part of the day was also devoted to creating a brand experience for the whole team with a long list of fun, interactive activities designed to boost morale and station pride. Gary Wann, head of creative services, said “I’ve never been part of a branding effort this extensive. Everybody’s involved. The depth and breadth of what we’re doing is extraordinary. And so far, I couldn’t be prouder of the results.”

TEXAS CONNECTS US is about many things, but at its heart, it’s about how a group of people came together to create something truly different. Something inspirational. Aspirational. And even more importantly, something designed to be around for a long time … in a business where few things are.